Fast, Honest, simple Review

  • Well Hello again Everyone

    Today I'm doing a revamped review, Very Short and simple to understand

    I don't use LegitSense as It has too many options for my liking so I use LeagueSense

    My opinion (only)

    So this client is perfect for someone who wants a limit to what they can do.

    I probably get called out 1 in every 30 games.

    The Aim-Bot looks very obvious at the beginning, but when you play around with the cheat for a few days, It adjusts as you play so I LOVE That!

    I don't like configs so this is very good for me.

    I look 100% legit in OW although I haven't been in OW for a long time LMFAO :)

    I use the client for other Anti-Cheats like G-Loot, Cevo, ESL and MANY others

    I like how the community is small and compact. Everyone helps out

    It made me a better legit player as well because of how limited the options are.

    SECURITY IS TOP PRIORITY (My Favorite feature)

    So this is the end of my review. I enjoy, approve, and continue to try and support this community as best as I can. <3