3 Years Anniversary, some smalltalk (+ free weekend)

  • Hello everyone who joined us on our ride to securely cheat for a while and also hello to everyone who joined us and decided to stay.

    Most of you probably already know me. Some people like me and a lot of people really hate me - the truth is I dont really care what you think about me cause this project is not just about me.

    Three years and two weeks ago Allesanders contacted me on discord. He was like "hey whats up, I know your name and I know you are a good coder, lets be the best cheat provider in the world".

    Normally, as some people might know - I rarely respond to discord messages, I‘m sorry lol.

    But on that day I did, cause he explained to me what his goals were and that money wasn’t the main reason to do this.

    I often received (and still receive) offers to make a lot of money with selling cheats. But I‘m not here for the money and Allesanders isn't here for the money either and thats the reason why we built a deep friendship within those three years and we are working together as a team flawlessly.

    If it‘s not (only) about the money, what else would be a reason to be a cheat provider?

    It always was Allesanders and also my dream to satisfy customers. Cheat providers are currently racing for the latest features in their cheat and the most good looking cheat menu but what they forget is that, they have customers to take care of - customers that put faith and trust in them.

    We wanted to create the most powerful and safe product in the scene and we did it. We proved it multiple times by surviving every banwave and still (even when you don‘t know it) defend and always improve our products against an active VAC which is offensively targetting us. Since they most likely can't stand the fact that two random german dudes who are unfriendly af, are sleeping until afternoon, do/did a lot of drugs are ruining their multi-million dollar company.

    Hard times hit us at the start, when we accidently choosed the wrong person to work for us as a moderator. He was a snitch. We got leaked, multiple times. Yeah actually a lot of shit happened but Allesanders , my beautiful girlfriend and last but not least the team behind the scenes (vac, dexter, stronk, justin, Arcturus, wnbglad), Pot4t0 (idk how he made it on this list but yeah) and me always found a solution to every problem we had to go trough. We never even thought a second about leaving our customers alone like most other cheat providers do, after they run into their first few struggles.

    This year we've made a great business deal with Gamingforecast and Owen , that established us on the US market. We are grateful for that but we are even more grateful that randomly James1k and xendaking appeared and assured us even more in the US scene just by their huge amount of relationships and contacts they have. People care about their opinion and their opinion is, that we are the cheat provider they've chosen - thank you guys

    -we are the worldwide first cheat provider to officially support VACnet. They detected ALL cheats (except us) on their release back in 2018

    -leaguesense is the worldwide first cheat to ever utilize artificial intelligence in order to improve itself when the customers are playing

    -Never did a customer receive any kind of VAC ban, related to any of our products and this is what we are most proud of

    This was the boring part: Now (as you might know me, I rather talk about facts then about incidental things) some stuff you might actually care about:

    -from now on until sunday we will have a free weekend. Just enjoy cheating and try out our products if you are new here.

    -our goal from next year on is, to support every kind of EAC league and any custom version of EAC. The reason why we didn't implement this yet, is cause we always look for the best solution and not for the fastest, cheat providers support EAC since years but last year a big update, detected every single one of them. When we release our bypass and they update their anticheat - they won't detect us. As always!

    I hope you enjoy your stay on legitsense and I wish you all the best for the upcomming years, we invite you to enjoy them with us.


  • Sorry I been kinda inactive a little bit but I still been on discord often. I been working a lot and thanks for even Mentioning me I appreciate that and best of luck with the new updates and new anti cheats I’ll be here until this project shuts down hopefully... until the next one ❤️❤️❤️

    -regards James1k