Real review of the cheat I have actively used for 1 year

  • LeagueSense and legitsense very extreme quality software You ask why? cheat has no history of 1 ban since its inception leaguesense is an extremely legit cheat Unless you're watching the wall with the wallhack you are impossible to get any ban Users watching you while using Aimbot will never understand that you are cheating. Same shape in both cheat aimbot impossible to understand If you stay with me, buy leaguesense and enjoy it I have been actively using leaguesense for 1 year I have not received any ow ban They will never know that you are cheating as long as you play carefully. The reason I opened this subject is to convey my user experience for 1 year. In my opinion, players with moderate knowledge of legitsense should buy leaguesense if players with high game knowledge only my opinion is this is how I developed myself first for 3 months I played with legitsense, then I switched to leaguesense because the sense of leaguesense's aimbot sliding speed is very different Very high quality in both cheats by the way, I'm a member of lifetime thanks administrators and moderators :P:love::*