Terms of Service

  • Refunds

    • We do not under any circumstances provide refunds. All payments are final unless approved by an admin.
    • Any attempt of a chargeback will not be tolerated and your account will be closed.

    Client Usage

    • Our Software is free to use, but in order to use it you may need a VIP Forum account.
    • The legitsense client is for YOUR use only, if anyone asks for it to be sent to them you should decline this immediately.
    • The Client should only be used for the use of injecting one of our products.
    • Please ensure that there is no debugging applications open when running the client.
    • If any debugging is detected then your account will be banned with no refund.
    • It is up to you to maintain security of the binary. It should not be shared.


    • We do NOT give refunds unless specified by an administrator.
    • By charging back you will achieve nothing, we will win the dispute and you will be blacklisted from legitsense.

    By purchasing any of our subscriptions you agree to these rules and are fully aware of the consequences of breaking these rules.

    legitsense takes no responsibility in any bans which may occur whilst using our software. Cheating is done at your own risk.