[Info] LeagueSense CS:GO

  • Game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Game Version: Latest Steam Version

    Cheat Type: 100% External

    Release Date: 11.07.2018

    Current Feature List:

    *Now you dont have to set up your Aimbot or Triggerbot anymore, you just play with the cheat and it will fit to your individual playstyle better and better by time.

    This will improve your gameplay by far since you dont have to worry about creating a good config while still defeating VACnet and its future.


    -Legit Neural Network Mousedriver Aimbot System with Recoil Control System

    -On key


    -Legit Neural Network Mousedriver Triggerbot System

    -On Key

    Recoil Control System

    -on aimbot / always


    -Glow ESP(always or on key)

    -Colors depend on enemy's Health

    -Colors change if the enemy is Defusing (blue = without kit, white = with kit)

    -Step ESP

    -VIsible only ESP

    -Box ESP *Stream/Anticheat secure!*

    -Sound ESP


    -Legit Bunnyhop for every Anticheat we support

    Supported Systems

    Windows 10

    Windows 8.1 32 / 64 bit

    Windows 7 32 / 64 bit

    Supported Anticheats

    VAC (Valve Anticheat)


    FaceIT Serverside









    Akros AntiCheat

    99damage League

    and many more..


    Lan Mode / Silent Load injection System

    *NEW* Pure Kernel Mode Driver ( ring0 ) Protection

    unlike other cheatproviders where every user receives the same product, we always make sure you are running a unique build of our client, after every time you used our cheat the client will create a new unique version of itself.

    in this product there are also many other undisclosed security features in order to keep it undetected on every league we support, we take every effort to not get our customers banned.

    Payment Methods

    PayPal (payments are automatically proceed)

    Special Information

    NEVER detected by Valve Anti Cheat!

    Limited userbase of 150 slots max

    This is our flagship product with the most advanced security, designed for league cheaters and players who wanna cheat on their main account with high value inventorys

    World first provider with official VACnet support.

    unlike nearly every other cheatprovider, no ban wave ever got any of our customers banned - we have an implemented system that predicts possible upcomming detection vectors which allows us to monitor VAC updates 24/7 and secure our clients, also we do weekly (sometimes even daily) security updates in order to keep our record clean, on our forums there is also a detection history visible for the public where you can see all that by yourself.

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