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  • Hi, I want to ask a question about the buy version of legitsense, which would you recommend me to play MM and not be detected!
    • Out of both the products i have bought the best one in my opinion would be leaguesense if you want to be very legit. It is almost impossible to find out you are cheating on OW with leaguesense if you don't use walls. I personally only use radar hack so i have an idea of where they are and i can play by when i hear them to have an excuse to know exactly where they are. Legitsense is more for people who want to design there own playstyle in the cheat itself. league just bases it off how you already play and improves.
    • Sorry for my ignorance, how is the radar activated? to play the same way!
    • When you get into a game, Casual or competitive, it will show the enemies on the radar if they are in the area.
    • I understand, then I must do nothing, only the enemies will appear on the radar!
    • Did you activate it through the note pad first|?